RSIC Services At a Glance


Reference services are available on the first floor and the third floors. Each floor is staffed by professionals with expertise in a variety of scientific, technical, and military fields. You may contact the reference staff at 256-876-5195 for open literature (books, journals, conference proceedings) or 256-876-5181 for technical reports (documents). You may also reach us by email at:

  • The reference staff offers in-depth research assistance, including market research.
  • A librarian is on duty at all times to guide users in the use of library resources.
  • The documents staff provides access to historical and the latest scientific and technical information.
  • RSIC's Current Awareness Service delivers current and pertinent information in the user's research area directly to their email.

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RSIC Resources

Library Catalog

RSIC's library catalog lets you browse or search over 450,000 books, journals, conference proceedings and unclassified government technical reports.

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E-Journals & Databases

RSIC subscribes to databases that provide access to articles, conference papers, and e-books covering research in the science and technology fields relevant to Redstone Arsenal.

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The RSIC documents collection provides access to over 2.27 million scientific, technical research and development documents and military publications. The experienced, professional staff in the documents department provides specialized searches for library users. RSIC's documents department is also the source for DOD's corporate memory on missiles and aerospace, including special collections on Comanche and Cobra helicopters, and Airships aircraft. In addition, the documents department has direct and secure connections to:

  • Defense Technical Information Centers (DTIC) technical reports database, unifed research and engineering database and independent research & development resources.
  • NASA Technical Report Server (NTRS) for NACA and NASA documents.
  • Chemical Propulsion Information Network (CPIN), a service of the Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center (the source for JANNAF proceedings)

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Military Authority Publications

The RSIC documents collection maintains current Army technical manuals and obsolete TMs and other authority publications. The types of publications include:

  • Army Field Manuals
  • Army Regulations
  • Army Technical Manuals
  • DA Pamphlets
  • DOD Directives
  • Technical Bulletins
  • Modification Work Order Series MWO 1-1520-238 and 1-1520-251

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